Still figuring this whole comics thing out.

I drew this comic, I drew this whole comic, and scanned and composited and finished this whole comic. And then I HATED IT. So you may not see it. But I thought this was a good drawing.

I'm finding out that Good Drawings (whatever that means) do not Good Comics make. And I suppose that a drawing is only 'good' or 'bad' in whether or not it serves the comic of which it is a part. A single image or panel can be an elegant, immaculately executed piece of craft, but if it doesn't work with the comic as a whole, it is still a BAD drawing, and should be hit on the nose with a newspaper.

I mean, 'good comics' is a really vague, subjective term, too. I feel like when I started the short, I KNEW what I wanted to convey, but by the time I was done with it, so many little things had distracted me from that objective that it came out a little muddy.

I want to draw this again, as a more FOCUSED piece of work. Then I'll let you see it. Promise.